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How to Get Tickets to the Top 10 Paid Attractions in London

Updated: May 4


Introduction: The aim of this post is to walk you through the top 10 paid attractions in London. I'll uncover the must-see sights, look closely at some of the passes available and the best ways to obtain individual tickets. 

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A short presentation of the top 10 paid attractions:

  1. Tower of London (£34.80) The Tower of London is a top attraction for several reasons. One highlight is the chance to see the Crown Jewels, including one of the world's largest diamonds. Guided tours by the Yeoman Warders provide fascinating insights, and exploring the thousand-year-old castle completes the experience perfectly.

  2. The London Eye (£33.00) The London Eye is by far the most visited attraction in London, with thousands of visitors taking a ride on the wheel every single day. It's truly a symbol of London, although other cities have similar wheels. Just watch out for the long queues!

  3. Madame Tussauds (£35.00) While there are many Madame Tussauds locations around the world, it's worth noting that this was the first one. The sheer size of it is impressive, and it's highly unlikely that you won't find your favorite movie star, historical figure, or other famous celebrities inside.

  4. St. Paul's Cathedral (£25.00) St. Paul's Cathedral is a true masterpiece.You'll know what I mean when you lay eyes on it for the first time. If you're feeling adventurous and fit, make sure to climb your way to the top. The views are quite impressive.

  5. Westminster Abbey (£29.00) Every corner in the Abbey has a story to tell. Marvel at the final resting places of renowned figures like Newton and Darwin and journey through the tombs of kings and queens, key figures whose actions have sculpted the pages of history.

  6. The Dungeon (£29.50) Brace yourself for a journey through London's darker past at The Dungeon. Interactive shows, special effects, and live actors bring historical tales to life in a spine-chilling experience.

  7. Sea Life Aquarium (£28.00) Encounter fascinating marine life, including sharks, rays, and vibrant coral reefs.

  8. Kensington Palace (£24.00) Stroll through the lavish State Apartments, bask in the beauty of palace gardens, and don't miss the chance to admire the iconic dresses worn by Princess Diana. 

  9. The View from the Shard (£33.00) If you're looking to skip the long queues at the London Eye, I'd recommend The Shard. In my opinion, you get better views, shorter queues, and it's more affordable too.

  10. Churchill war rooms (£54.00) This is the secret underground bunker that served as Prime Minister Winston Churchill's wartime headquarters during World War II. Explore the rooms where crucial decisions were made, and experience the era through fascinating exhibits and authentic artifacts. 

Must-visit for those short on time

Tower of London

If you're short on time and need to pick just one attraction, I'd say the Tower of London is a clear winner. It's like stepping back a thousand years into London's past. Plus, you can't miss the chance to see the Crown Jewels, including the Kohinoor diamond.

Top Tip: Once you're inside, be sure to join the next available Yeoman walking tour. The Tower of London is vast, and gaining context for everything can be challenging on your own. The Yeoman guides are there to help with just that.

Opting for a pass

Let's dive straight in. Whether you're in London for a day, two, or more, getting a pass could be the perfect choice to maximize your experience. Here is why you should go for one of the passes:

  1. Hop-On Hop-Off: One major perk of these passes is the inclusion of a Hop-On Hop-Off bus. This strategic transport option not only connects you to your planned attractions but also treats you to panoramic views of London's landmarks from an open-top deck. 

  2. Multiple Attractions: If your London itinerary extends beyond a single attraction (which, let's be honest, it often does), opting for a pass would save you a lot. These passes are tailored to maximize value for those with a checklist of must-see spots. 

  3. Strategic Planning: For those with just a day to spare, meticulous organization is key. A pass not only grants access to multiple sites efficiently but also ensures you make the most of your limited time. 

  4. Unexpected Delights: The beauty of these passes lies in the element of surprise. You might find yourself at an extraordinary attraction that wasn't initially on your radar. 

  5. River Cruise: Many passes include a river cruise. So, not only do you explore the city by land, but you also get to enjoy its enchanting views from the water

The major 3 passes available in London

London pass has been a staple for millions of visitors over the years. While they suit some travelers better than others, if you're diligent in planning and think you can make the most of it, it's a no-brainer.

It covers a wide range of attractions, from iconic sites like Westminster Abbey and the Tower of London to modern places like The Shard and the London Zoo. Plus, you  experience priority access at select locations with the pass.

You can also pick the days that suit you best – the London Pass lets you choose from 1 to 10 consecutive days. It's your call!

London pass pricing :




1 Day Pass



2 Day Pass



3 Day Pass



4 Day Pass



5 Day Pass



6 Day Pass



7 Day Pass



10 Day Pass




  • Hop-on Hop-off and river cruise inclusions, allowing you to effortlessly navigate the city using these comfortable modes of transportation.

  • Significant savings when the attractions covered by the pass align with your planned visits.

  • Skip the ticket queues at most attractions; a quick scan of your pass is often all you need.

  • Benefit from a user-friendly app accompanied by a guidebook


  • The pass does not cover Merlin attractions, including the London Eye, Madame Tussauds, The Dungeon or the Aquarium.

  • With the 1-day pass, meticulous planning is essential to maximize its benefits.

  • If your plans involve visiting the London Eye or Madame Tussauds, exploring the Merlin multi attraction tickets might be more suitable.

  • Be mindful of daily caps on pass usage; they are relatively generous but vary based on the pass duration. Maximum credits per London Pass credits package type are as follows: 1-day London Pass credits: Adult £180 max credit / Child £145 max credit. 2-day London Pass credits : Adult £290 max credit / Child £230 max credit. 3-day London Pass credits : Adult £385 max credit / Child £290 max credit.

Your visit to London won't be truly fulfilled without visiting the London Eye or stepping into the celebrity-filled world of Madame Tussauds. For families, the Shrek Adventures and the fascinating Sea Life Aquarium are must-visit attractions that promise a lot of fun and wonder.

It's important to note that these specific attractions are not included in the London Pass, so if they're on your must-see list, the Merlin multi-attraction tickets might be the way to go.

Attractions included :

  • London Eye

  • Madame Tussauds

  • Sea Life Aquarium

  • The Dungeon

  • Shrek Adventures

  • Big Bus




2 Attractions



3 Attractions



4 Attractions



5 Attractions



*prices tend to increase during weekends and school holidays

Advantages :

  • Big Savings: Opting for a pass can lead to significant savings compared to purchasing individual tickets for each attraction.

  • Flexibility: The pass gives you a cool 90-day window to use your tickets. No need to stress about picking a specific day.

  • Hop-On Hop-Off Bus: The pass hooks you up with a full-day ride on the Hop-On Hop-Off bus. This proves to be one of the best methods to discover the city, especially when you can enjoy the ride with the well-regarded Big Bus.

  • Great Value for 5 Attractions: If you're looking to get the most out of your money, I highly recommend going for the five-attraction package.


  • Historical Focus: If you're passionate about exploring London's historical sites, the pass doesn't include these. London Pass is a better choice, offering access to a range of historical attractions. 

  • Busy Attractions: Keep in mind that these are some of London's busiest attractions, so they can get extremely crowded. Make sure you plan ahead to avoid wasting precious time.

Go City Explorer Pass grants you entry to 90+ attractions. Keep in mind the distinctions between this and the London Pass. One notable difference is the freedom to pick the number of attractions you wish to visit. Delve into the details in the upcoming Advantage/Considerations section.





2 Choices Pass



3 Choices Pass



4 Choices Pass



5 Choices Pass



6 Choices Pass



7 Choices Pass



Advantages :

  • Customized Choices: Choose the attractions that suit your interests, unlike the all-inclusive London Pass.

  • Extended Validity: Your tickets remain valid for 60 days from the moment you validate the pass, providing flexibility.

  • Substantial Savings: Enjoy considerable cost savings with the pass.

  • Hop-On Hop-Off Option: You can include the Hop-On Hop-Off feature in your pass.

Considerations :

  • The pass does not cover Merlin attractions, including the London Eye, Madame Tussauds, The Dungeon or the Aquarium.

  • If you think you can pack a lot of attractions in a short time, London Pass might be a better choice for you.

  • No entry to the Windsor Castle

Individual tickets

If you want to visit a single attraction, opting for an individual ticket is the way to go. Here are some valuable insights to consider when navigating this option:

  1. Online Booking Savings: Booking your tickets online often comes with additional cost savings. 

  2. Advance Booking Benefits: Book your individual tickets a few days in advance! Many attractions offer discounted rates for pre-booked tickets compared to those purchased on the same day of your visit. 

  3. Combination Deals: If you plan to explore the city using the Hop-On Hop-Off bus, some of them have great deals when you combine the bus with 1 attraction.

Buying tickets online

Discovering London's top attractions becomes a breeze when you opt for digital tickets. Wondering why? Let's explore the advantages of online ticketing, along with some practical ticket tips.

1. Diverse Online Options: My top recommendations include checking out Groupon and Wowcher, as they occasionally feature incredible deals. For a reliable and comprehensive option, I highly recommend Get Your Guide.

2. Advance Booking: Planning ahead is crucial, especially for popular attractions under the Merlin group. By getting your tickets a few days in advance, not only do you ensure your preferred time slot, but you also enjoy substantial cost savings. Take the London Eye, for instance - booking in advance can save you up to 20%.

3. Time: Standing in line to buy tickets isn't my idea of fun when you can do it online in just a few minutes from the comfort of your home.

Buying tickets from agents or at the ticket office

In today's world, it's smarter to use online platforms. You can get discounts, avoid long lines, and make sure you don't miss out on experiencing the attractions you want to see.

  1. Limited Discounts: If you buy tickets directly, you might miss out on discounts that you can get online. Many websites offer deals and savings that you won't find at the attraction.

  2. Long Waiting Times: Buying tickets on the spot often means waiting in long lines.

  3. Limited Availability: Sometimes, attractions have a limited number of tickets. If you wait to buy them directly, you might find they're sold out, especially during busy times.

Conclusion to our London attractions ticket tips

Ticking off multiple attractions can feel like an achievement, but there's something equally fulfilling about slowing down, skipping the rush, and immersing yourself in places that truly speak to you.


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