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The Ghost Bus Tour - A detailed review of this spooky London experience(2024)

Updated: Apr 27

The Ghost Bus Tour has been entertaining and spooking tourists around London for more than 10 years! It's truly a unique experience that not only takes you to famous locations in London but also puts on a great show for you.

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  • Vintage double-decker bus experience

  • Theatrical performances

  • Affordable tour

  • Convenient departure point


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1. Why choose the Ghost Bus Tour?

Let's start with the bus they use, it's a 1960 Routemaster bus, and according to the guides, it has its own spooky history. I won't spoil the details, but it's definitely a surprise worth experiencing firsthand when you join them. 

Riding on such a piece of history is already a fantastic incentive, but then you add in the spine-chilling stories about London's dark past that you won't find anywhere else. And let's not forget about the incredible actors who create an immersive world and pull you right into it, making you feel like you're transported back in time.

2. Is it worth the price?

When you look at other sightseeing tours in London, their prices are pretty reasonable. And when you think about how much other stuff in London costs, this tour is a real bargain. I mean, finding anything below 30 pounds these days is tough, so you can have a blast without emptying your wallet.

3. Things you see while on the bus

The tour lasts 1 hour and 15 minutes depending on the traffic. Your adventure begins at Trafalgar Square, right in the heart of London. From there, you'll embark on a meticulously planned route that will lead you to the most famous attractions, buildings, and landmarks in the city. The bus will go past Westminster Abbey, Buckingham Palace (weekend only or as traffic permits), the London Eye, the Tower of London, St Paul’s Cathedral, The Shard and many more.

Pro Tip : During summer, booking the 9pm tour can be a good choice. As the days are longer, the 9pm tour provides the advantage of taking place during the evening when it's generally darker outside.

4. Route and Timetable

The exact departure point is Northumberland Avenue just off Trafalgar Square. This is where the tour begins and ends. You can find the stop just outside the Grand Hotel. Across the street you have the Sherlock Holmes pub.

The tour follows the classic route that most bus tours take, covering all the major sites, including the famous crossing of the Tower Bridge. Compared to other tours, the guide will fill you in on places that you might not discover otherwise. They'll point out spots you can check out later if they catch your interest.

The tours are available every day with varying departure times.

5. Things to consider

Traffic disruptions

The time and day you choose can really affect how things go because of traffic. To dodge any jams, I'd recommend going for later tours instead of during rush hour when the roads get crazy busy.


The route can suffer significant changes due to road closures so it's best to double check the service updates before you book the tour. You can usually find great service updates on any of the hop-on hop-off buses pages. Their route is almost identical.

Live guides

Speaking from my own experience and what I've heard from other customers, I have to mention that the tour isn't super scary, it's more about entertainment. So, it's good to keep your expectations in check and just go along for the ride. Plus, cruising through London on a 60-year-old Routemaster bus is pretty awesome all on its own!

Pro tip: Capture the best shots of The London Eye, St. Paul's Cathedral, and the Tower of London by securing a seat on the left side of the bus

6. Ticket Options

When booking online, you'll have access to the following ticket options:

Adult £25 Child £17 (Under 16)

Family £63 (2Ad +2Ch)

Concession £19

Arriving early can increase your chances of getting the best seats.

7. Conclusion of our Ghost Bus Tour review

I really believe this experience has its own unique charm. Sure, you might get stuck in traffic at times, or maybe the way the guides share stories isn't exactly your cup of tea. But overall, it's a one-of-a-kind and worthwhile adventure. Just being on that themed vintage bus alone is like stepping back in time, stirring up some powerful emotions and creating nice memories.

If our Ghost Bus Tour review captivated your interest, be sure to explore our assessment of other tours here and discover valuable travel tips here.


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