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London Bar Bus - Detailed review (2024)

Updated: Apr 27

London Bar Bus open top tour

This one is quite a unique experience. Just imagine sipping on your favorite drinks, soaking in the beauty of London, all while listening to your favorite music. What's even more extraordinary is that the price tag is similar to regular open-top buses.

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  • Most original rooftop terrace in town

  • Stylish setup

  • Great picture opportunities

  • Carefully curated route


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1. Who is the London Bar Bus for?

You've likely visited countless bars and fancy restaurants, but have you ever been to an open-top bar bus where you can sip on your favorite drinks while marveling at one of the greatest cities on Earth? It's a truly unique experience that's sure to leave a lasting impression! You can bring along your friends, your loved ones, or even throw a birthday party onboard, the possibilities are unlimited!

Even if you came to London just for a regular bus tour, I truly believe that this experience is so much better. It follows the same route as the normal bus tours, but here the vibe is totally different! I guarantee there'll be even more fun and happiness, not to mention the amazing views of London during sunset and dusk.

2. Is it worth the price?

They offer a price tag similar to traditional open-top bus tours, while throwing in the bonus of two drinks and a lively, party-like atmosphere. It's a fantastic deal for anyone looking to add some extra fun to their city tour.

Absolutely! The London Bar Bus offers more than just drinks; it provides magnificent ever-changing views of the city that you won't find in traditional rooftop bars. The convenience, lively atmosphere, and the chance to explore different neighborhoods and landmarks make it a worthwhile investment.

3. Things you see while on the bus

They've carefully designed the route to pass by all the major attractions, making sure you don't miss any important ones and giving you the best photo opportunities! You'll get to see the London Eye, Big Ben, Tower of London, St. Paul's Cathedral, the Parliament, Trafalgar Square, and Piccadilly along the way.

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4. Route and Timetable

Route map of the London Bar Bus

The London Bar Bus generally follows a route similar to hop-on-hop-off tours, so you'll have the opportunity to see the sights while enjoying your drinks onboard. However, make sure to arrive early to secure the best seats!

For those eager to hop aboard the London Bar Bus, the tours will kick off on the 6th of april and roll out every Saturday until the 1st of June. From June the tour will depart every Saturday and Sunday. Buses get the party started at 6:30 p.m.

5. Things to consider

Limited availability

The London Bar Bus has limited availability as they only operate on certain days of the week. Due to their popularity, these tours often sell out quite quickly.

Quiet days

If you happen to be on the bus during a quieter day and the bus is not full, the atmosphere might not be as lively, it could  be wise to come with friends. Even so, just sitting on the top of the bus, sipping your drinks, and taking in the London landmarks is a great experience.

6. Ticket Options

7. Conclusion of our London Bar Bus review

If you're already planning to do an open tour bus in London, opting for this one instead gives you two experiences in one, so you can hardly go wrong with it. Adding the music, the nice setup of the bus, the happy vibe, and the friendly staff, it's a truly wonderful experience that you won't regret.

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