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TooTBus London: A Complete Review of the Sightseeing Bus for 2024

Updated: May 4

Toot Bus London  hop-on hop-off

In this review, we're looking at the Tootbus London Hop-On Hop-Off experience. Forming a clear opinion about this tour isn't straightforward, given its recent transition from the renowned Original Tour. While it retains some of the old tour's features, plenty has changed. I'll do my best to highlight both the positives and negatives so you can make the best decision based on your needs.

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  • TooTBus offers an eco-friendly London tour

  • Flexible timings

  • Special features like kids commentary

  • Affordable tour options

  • Choosing the Tootbus experience is a reasonably secure choice, ranking somewhere in the middle among London's sightseeing buses

Table of contents

1. Why choose TOOTBus London Hop-on Hop-off?

Planet friendly logo on the TootBus London

TootBus stands out for its use of eco-friendly buses, which run on modern technologies and low-emission engines. They even have a full electric bus that you can easily recognize while cruising the city. Unlike most of its competitors still using older, less environmentally friendly buses, TootBus prioritizes sustainability.

This means your sightseeing experience is not only enjoyable but also contributes to a greener, more eco-conscious London. Explore this Tootbus London review to find more reasons to choose their tour.

2. Advantages over other companies

You'll observe that each company strives to distinguish itself from competitors, a positive trend for us tourists as it leads to continuous improvements in the tours.


  • later departure times (depending on the season)

  • kids commentary

  • child tickets cheaper than the other top companies

  • user friendly app

  • complimentary self-guided walking tours

  • more seats upstairs

Toot Bus London stands out with its convenient later departure times, especially on weekends. This is a great advantage as sometimes you want to ride that bus into the sunset, or catch some of the night magic London has to offer.

Pro Tip : Instead of paying for an expensive Night Tour, just use the hop-on hop-off during the day and make sure you pick the last bus of the day that usually departs from their stop at Coventry Street. This way you will have an almost identical experience, without having to pay extra. Don't forget to ask the staff about the last departure time!

Toot Bus has a unique feature that sets it apart from the other tours: a special kids commentary. None of the other tours offer this type of commentary, so it makes it a no-brainer if you are travelling with kids. The commentary is designed to keep the young ones engaged, and the historical facts about London are quite educational.

Another major advantage is that Toot Bus offers child tickets at a much more budget-friendly rate compared to Big Bus and many of the other companies, making it an affordable option for young adventurers to explore the wonders of London without putting a strain on your wallet.

They have a user-friendly app where you can check schedules, service updates and routes. They also have a real-time bus tracking feature, but I would recommend you exercise caution when using it, it's not always accurate. You should always check first with the staff before relying on the app.   

Pro Tip: Within the Tootbus app, you'll discover three complimentary self-guided walking tours. So, whether you opt for the bus tour or not, it's certainly worth downloading the app. These informative tours can add value to your London experience.

During peak hours and especially busy times, you're more likely to find available free seats upstairs on Tootbus compared to other operators like Big Bus, making it a great choice for a more comfortable and scenic sightseeing experience.

3. Things to consider

While TootBus has recently emerged as a rebranding of the renowned The Original Tour, which has been a fixture in London for over 60 years, it is currently striving to reach the exceptional level of quality established by its predecessor.


  • onboard commentary

  • service frequency

  • blue route delays

  • bus tracker accuracy

Onboard commentary

Several negative reviews have surfaced regarding the commentary. Many passengers have expressed concerns about frequent instances where music plays instead of informative narration, along with outdated content in some segments. 

The quality of the provided headphones is not great. My recommendation is to  access the commentary through the Tootbus app on your smartphone, using your personal headphones.

Service frequency

It's worth noting that the bus frequency at specific stops with Tootbus may be less frequent compared to some of its competitors. At some of the major stops like The London Eye, Marble Arch, St Paul's you could see more buses from its competitors, especially Big Bus in this case.

Blue rute

It tends to experience more delays due to traffic and having a less frequent service. To avoid longer waiting times at the bus stop, it's advisable to check the TootBus app for real-time updates. If there is staff present at the bus stop , make sure to check with them also.

4. Maximising your time while using the bus tour

One-day tour: Ideally, I would recommend you start with the yellow route. Make sure you end up at Buckingham Palace before the changing of the guard starts. This is one of the highlights you don't want to miss. Once you are done with this, you can enjoy the flexibility of the hop-on hop-off, exploring at your own pace. If you find yourself with extra time, consider exploring the blue route. It will take you past Harrods, The Museums, Kensington Palace, and Notting Hill.

Boat ride: The main ticket includes a boat ride that I cannot recommend enough. Not only do you get to see the city from a different perspective, but the guides are also known for their fun commentary. Plus, you can grab snacks or drinks from the onboard bar.

5. Discover more tours by TooTBus London (with reviews)

Tootbus provides a variety of additional themed tours that differ from the hop-on-hop-off experience. For more in-depth information and insights, be sure to visit the dedicated blog posts on our website.

6. Routes and Timetable

Route map of the TooTBus London bus tour

TootBus has 3 hop-on hop-off routes:

  • The Yellow route is the main route that takes you to the major sites. It tends to have the most frequent departures. 

  • The Blue route takes you West. Here you can explore the museums, Hyde Park, and Harrods.

  • The Green route focuses on the British Museum and Kings Cross.

The timetable tends to change every month, so it's best to check here for the latest updates. It's also a good idea to consult the staff and inquire about departure schedules.

Pro Tip: This one is important. They have a service update button on their website/app where you can find out about events and protests well in advance. This can save you a lot of headaches.

7. Available Tickets

Tootbus provides two ticket options:

Both ticket options, provide flexibility with choices of 24, 48, and 72 hours, allowing you to select the duration that best suits your sightseeing plans in the city.

The key distinction lies in the river cruise, which I highly recommend if you haven't experienced it before. The price difference is minimal, around £6, while purchasing the cruise separately would cost you roughly three times as much.

If our TootBus London review captivated your interest, be sure to explore our assessments of other tours here and discover valuable travel tips here.

Getting tickets

While tickets can be obtained from the street sellers or when boarding the bus , they tend to be cheaper online.


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