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Kids Tour London- A detailed review of the Sightseeing Experience (2024)

Updated: Apr 27

The Kids Tour by Toot Bus London on Charles II Street

The Kids Tour from Tootbus London has gained popularity among families in recent years. It offers a family-friendly experience, specifically designed to engage and entertain children while exploring the city.

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  • Kids Tour by TooTBus offers an eco-friendly London tour

  • Flexible timings

  • Special features like kids commentary 

  • Affordable tour options

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Table of contents:

7. Conclusion of our Kids Tour London review

1. Why choose the Kids Tour by TootBus London?

Entertainment and education

There's hardly any kid who isn't fascinated by double-decker buses, especially open-top ones. So, I can hardly imagine a better experience than spending quality time with your kids on an open-top bus, especially if the weather's good. And to top it off, learning some fun and interesting facts about the major sites in London from one of the great guides they have on board.

Positive reviews

When you check TripAdvisor, you'll find lots of positive reviews about the Kids Tour by Tootbus. People love the entertaining guides, the value for money, and how it's a fantastic way to introduce kids to open-top buses. Plus, it's designed to keep the little ones engaged without being too long.

2. What's included?

Activity book

Kids are usually given an activity book before they hop on the bus. If there's a special event happening, they usually go the extra mile to craft hats, crowns, or something else that's relevant to the specific occasion. It adds fun to the experience and it's a great way to keep them engaged during the tour. 

Live guide

All the buses feature a specially designed live guided commentary that is kid-friendly. This means the guides are great at engaging and entertaining the little ones throughout the tour.

Self-guided walking tours

Furthermore, they offer free access to their open-top double-decker bus app, which enables you to enjoy some self-guided walking tours.

3. Things you see while on the bus

The bus will take you past the London Eye, the Houses of Parliament, Big Ben, Westminster Abbey, Pall Mall, Piccadilly Circus, Downing Street and many more.

Pro tip: If you're looking for a live guide and know that your kids have short attention spans, this tour is an ideal choice for you. Review the map carefully to ensure these sights are sufficient for your family. Keep in mind that there are other options available if you decide otherwise.

4. Route and Timetable

Route map of the Kids Tour by TooT Bus London

Departures are available every Saturday and Sunday, as well as daily during school holidays.

The tour has a duration of 45 minutes, with several departures that vary depending on the season.

Pro Tip: The bus stop may not have clear signage. If the staff is not immediately visible, simply wait at the end of the street where Charles II meets Haymarket, near the corner of His Majesty's Theatre. The staff and the bus will arrive shortly, although there might be slight delays due to traffic.

5. Things to consider


While the Kids Tour is great for time-strapped families with a duration of approximately 45 minutes, opting for the hop-on hop-off experience allows for a more comprehensive and personalized exploration of London. Remember that the hop-on hop-off has a special audio commentary for kids.

Buckingham Palace

Keep in mind that public transport and sightseeing buses are not allowed to drive in front of Buckingham Palace. The bus will pass by the side of it instead. Also, on days when the Changing of the Guards ceremony takes place, the Kids Tours scheduled before 1pm will be diverted away from Buckingham Palace Road.

Potential delays

The tour takes you through central London, where delays and heavy traffic happen quite often. Events and protests are another common occurrence in the area. I strongly suggest checking the service updates before booking to avoid getting stuck. Also, it's better to avoid rush hour or early morning. Midday is the perfect time to enjoy the tour with less traffic!

Pro tip: Arriving at least 15 minutes early is a good idea for snatching the best seats. In favorable weather, go for the seats at the back of the bus for the best views. If it's raining, choose the seats at the front of the bus where there's some cover.

6. Ticket Options

Adult £20.00

Child (4-15) £20.00

Family (2 adults, 2 children) £60.00

Due to the high demand, it is strongly recommended to book tickets well in advance to secure your spot.

7. Conclusion of our Kids Tour London review

The Kids Tour is a highly rated experience for children in London. Taking into account the details mentioned above, you're guaranteed to have a great time. Keep in mind that the route is relatively short, designed to keep the little ones engaged. For a longer tour, consider the hop-on-hop-off options.

If our Kids Tour London review captivated your interest, be sure to explore our assessment of other tours here and discover valuable travel tips here. 


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